Sweat Tailor’s Stylish 5-Pocket Sweatpants Wants To Replace The Jeans In Your Closet


Sweatpants are awesome when you’re staying in, but an absolute bane to your social life and reputation if you wear it to go out. At least, that was the case before Sweat Tailor’s 5-Pocket Sweatpants.

Styled to look like an everyday pair of pants, it combines the comfort of sweatpants with the fit and style of jeans, resulting in a pair of trousers you’ll gladly wear every day (more so than those questionable Diesel Jogg Jeans from a few years back). This thing should be just as suitable a garment any place where jeans won’t be out of place, so you can wear it to work (assuming a casual dress code, of course), play, and even a blind date your cousin set up with a cutie from her work (warning: she’s probably not a cutie — just kidding).


The 5-Pocket Sweatpants are made from a custom cotton-spandex blend that Sweat Tailor claims will durably hold up to many washes, apart from having been dyed with extra softeners for a soft, lived in feel. Sporting a beefy French Terry construction, it features woven twill pockets, YKK zippers, custom molded button and rivets, reinforced belt loops, and even a modified coin pocket that’s been resized so you can use it to hold your phone instead. Unlike sweatpants, it comes with a tailored fit similar to jeans, with six options in waist and three options in inseam, so you can choose a proper-wearing pair. Each one is pre-washed and sunk to fit to ensure you get a perfectly-sized pair of pants right out of the box.


Originally a Kickstarter project, the 5-Pocket Sweatpants are now available commercially. Price is $108.


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