Swenyo Wallace Modular Shelf Uses Slide-On Modules For Easy Customization


There are plenty of modular shelving solutions available today. Problem is, a lot of them tend to be too expensive, complicated to install, or both. While the Swenyo Wallace isn’t exactly cheap, it is accessibly-priced, apart from being easy to set up in any room.

A modular shelf system, it lets you easily mount shelves, boxes, hooks, and other storage units up the wall. Even better, you can easily swap items out at any time, so you can customize your wall-mounted storage on the fly as your personal needs change.


The Swenyo Wallace consists of an aluminum mount that’s affixed to the wall with nails, a wooden cleat that slips on top of it, and modular units that you simply slide into the cleat’s center slot. Each wooden cleat measures 24 x 3 inches (same with the aluminum mount), along which you can slide as many of the modules as will fit. As you can probably tell, installing it is no more complicated than mounting a regular wall shelf (as long as you can hammer nails to a wall, you’re good), making for a dead-simple setup process.


The modules include two sizes of shelves, three types of boxes (two horizontal, one vertical), a hook, a cup, a power strip, a magnet, a cable manager, and even a cord light for adding a lamp to the wall. That versatile range of modules opens up a whole avenue of uses, from standard living room shelves to bedside storage units to utility shelving for your home office.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for the Swenyo Wallace. Pledges to reserve a kit starts at $75.

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