Swiftpoint Compact Mouse Makes Clever Use Of Tight Spaces

Hate using a trackpad, but can’t stand the bulk of a full-size mouse?  Enter Swiftpoint, a tiny wireless mouse that offers a less-obtrusive yet convenient-to-use alternative.

Designed to be held with a pen-like grip (to eliminate hand cramps often associated with compact mice), the peripheral lets you use a mouse where none dare tread before – the spare area next to your laptop’s touchpad.  That means you can use it even without a table, comfortably working that cursor as your two-year old notebook burns a hole through your lap.

The Swiftpoint’s diminutive size is matched only by its clever use of tight spaces.  Aside from the ability to work on an area as cramped as a laptop’s palmrest, it offers tilt controls for scrolling, paging and zooming, complete with a full set of buttons (left, right and scroll wheel – just like a regular mouse).

A plug-and-play USB dock facilitates wireless control, as well as doubling as a charger. Sticking the mouse in for 90 minutes can reportedly impart enough juice for up to four weeks of use, with a quick 30-second emergency charge lasting you for as long as an hour.  The dock securely tethers the mouse to the laptop when connected, so you don’t have to slip the accessory in your pocket when on the move.

Each Swiftpoint mouse comes with a “parking accessory,” a thin, magnetized strip of adhesive film that can be placed on the palmrest area to keep the peripheral from slipping.  You can order one for $79.95 (10% discount if you buy now from their website).

[Swiftpoint via The Awesomer]