Swimming Pool Bistro Set Defines True Pool Furniture


Wantto  cool off by the pool, but couldn’t give a rat’s ass about swimming?  Check out the brand new Swimming Pool Bistro, a complete patio furniture set with special water talents.  Instead of playing nice with your pool side, it’s designed to set up right in the middle of the water.

Some folks bother with all sorts of water-floating, air-pumped contraptions just so they can lounge around in the pool without having to swim.  Those people are tools.  See, you don’t have to do that.  With this rust-proof, bar-height, water-repelling patio furniture set, you can sit around with friends like usual, sipping your juices and playing with cards, all while enjoying the water’s cooling touch.

Consisting of four chairs, one table and an umbrella, the Swimming Pool Bistro Set is intended to stand at the shallow end of the pool (around the three feet mark).  The table is 42-inches high, while the seats are at 30 inches, allowing you cool off right on the water without having to swim, tread or even stand.  The powder-coated aluminum frames guarantee it stays free from rust, while small perforations along the body makes sure they fall gently to the floor when put in the water.   Seats, backrests and umbrella canvas are all made from water-fast woven nylon.

Giving new meaning to the term pool furniture, the Swimming Pool Bistro Set is now available for $980.