Swimsense Gives Real-Time Tracking For Swimmers

Bikers have bike computers that count wheel revolutions.  Joggers have pedometers that keep track of their steps, along with even more complete solutions, like Nike+.  Now, swimmers get in on the real-time performance-tracking action with Swimsense, a wrist-worn computer that keeps a tab on your numbers while you’re paddling in the water.

Created by Finis, the device incorporates a motion-sensing system that uses accelerometers to not just count your strokes – it can determine whether you’re performing a breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle or butterfly too.  Fill in the other details, such as the length of the pool, gender, age and weight, and it can deliver pretty accurate reports of your in-water performance data.

The Swimsense Performance Monitor comes in wristwatch form and should be easy to mistake as one of the many Casio knock-offs from the 1980s.  More advanced than that era’s digital timepieces, however, the fitness gadget should prove an invaluable tool to serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to maintain careful data of their training sessions.  We can’t find the dimensions, but it looks rather small, so it shouldn’t add all that much heft to your arm while you’re swimming.

Information for up to 14 past swimming sessions can be saved right on the device, along with data for the current one.  It automatically saves the number of laps, total distance, calories burned, lap time, pace and stroke count, all of which you can upload to a free online viewer via USB.

Swimsense will be available right in time for the 2010 holiday season.  Price is $199.99.

[Finis via Gadget Lab]