Swiss Knife Shelf Gives You Tons Of Storage In one


The Swiss Knife has long been the symbol of compact utility.  The fact that its design principles hasn’t been applied anywhere else is actually a bit odd, although it does seem hard to imagine how that out-flipping function would fit anywhere else except hand tools.  As it turns out, it could be applied to wall shelving as well, as evidenced by the Mexican Army Shelf.

Like a Swiss Knife, the unique shelf looks like a stack of items (in this case, wood), neatly tucked into a frame. In fact, it looks like the ugliest wood shelf imaginable.  Start tugging on the layers, though and the brilliance reveals itself.

The Mexican Army Shelf works much like a pull-out closet, except the protruding implements offer a varied range that go beyond mere boxes.  In keeping with the Swiss Knife theme, layers pull out in a rotating manner from the corner.

Designed by students at Mexican design school Ludens, the piece currently has four layers, with a total of 7 fold out sections (one uses the space of two layers).  Layers include a keyholder, a mirror, a clothes hanger, coin storage, a note plank and a regular box.

Cleaned up, updated a little to feature more useful functions (an entire plank for pasting notes just doesn’t cut it) and given a spit-shine finish, this could be an amazing piece for a bedroom or a garage.   I don’t think it can work well for the living room (it looks too cluttered), though I’m sure some innovative designer will find a way.

[Ludens via Design Blog]