Swiss Spice Humid Proof Salt & Pepper Shaker For Portable Taste Buds

Take out food can be a hit or miss,  especially when there’s not enough spices to suit your taste. That’s why discerning eaters need to arm themselves with the Swiss Spice Humid Proof Salt & Pepper Shaker, a portable container for food flavoring that you can keep in your pocket.

Hotdog too bland? Put a little salt on it. The soup too sweet? Rile up your taste buds with a dash of pepper. Sprinkle it in your takeout BLT, onion rings, fries and whatever else you decide to sink your fangs on. Heck, put a dash in your coffee if sugar and milk are too conventional for your sophisticated palate.

The Swiss Spice Humid Proof is clad like a dual-compartment Tic-Tac dispenser, with one area for your salt and another for your pepper. Wetness-proof and airtight, it’s designed to keep everything fresh and clump-free, so you don’t ruin that already bad-tasting meal even worse. Despite weighing less than two ounces when empty, it’s made with durability in mind and is supposed to be virtually indestructible.

Of course, you don’t have to restrict yourself to salt and pepper. You can top it up with sugar, garlic powder and whatever else you actually enjoy lacing your food with. It can also house other liquid, grainy and small items you want to carry in your pocket, from perfumes to medications to illegal drugs, just in case you like walking on the wrong side of the law, you rebel you.

Amazon had the Swiss Spice Humid Proof Salt & Pepper Shaker on stock for $12, but it appears sold out as of this writing. We added a different retailer below, just in case you need to get one now.

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