SwissRoomBox Turns Your Car Into A Modular Motorhome

Can’t afford one of those large motorhomes?  Don’t give up on your dreams of outdoor bliss just yet.  Turn your car into one with the SwissRoomBox, a “modular motorhome” that lets you enjoy a full range of creature comforts while on the road.

Designed for vehicles with a two-box design, it can work with most automobile models, provided they have a rear door and enough space to accommodate the different modules.  We’re talking everything from hatchbacks to station wagons to mini-vans to 4x4s, so getting a functional motorhome just got easier for a whole lot of people.

The SwissRoomBox is like a Swiss Army Knife for campers.  Using boxes that expand into a whole host of things on the back, you can take a veritable array of conveniences wherever you end up.  Roll out the rigs and you can get any of these four amenities right out of the back of your car: a mini-kitchen, a shower, a two-person bunk and a full dining table for up to 5 people.

Most of the basic stuff you will use is designed to fit right inside the boxes, too, so there’s no need to carry an extra container for a stove or pots or pans.  Set includes 220V, 12V and 5V electrical inverters, letting you plug in a whole of things, including water heaters, microwaves, electric stoves and various electronics.

Sales of the SwissRoomBox in Europe will begin this October, although no pricing details have been released.  No word on planned launches elsewhere.

[SwissRoomBox via Adventure Life]