Forget The Cup Holder, Give Me A Full Tray


I was very double minded about this post. Are we saying its OK to eat and drive? Heck no. But we are OK with you pulling over in a parking lot somewhere if you can’t wait to devour that sandwich, fries and coffee you just picked up from your favorite fast food chain. I know you thought you will able to wait till you get to office but looks like that burger is calling you right now.

So how do you create a dining table experience in the comfort of your car? Well this “full service” swivel car tray should help with that.

Of course, you can always eat food out of a bag in the passenger seat, but that’s just tawdry.  Being a classy guy, you deserve to munch on your Sausage Egg McMuffin and fries on a proper serving platter.  I’d advise you not to follow the placement of the apple juice, though, because that just looks like a mess waiting to happen.

The Swivel Car Tray is a saucer-shaped serving dish with a textured, non-slip surface.  It comes with a swiveling jointed arm that can move up, down and 360-degrees around, allowing you to share your in-car meals with a buddy in the passenger seat.  The base installs tightly into a standard cup holder, allowing you to set it up in any area of the cabin with one.

Hate eating without a fork?  Now you can, even inside the car.  Just make sure not to use this tray while driving, because that sounds worse than talking in your phone while driving.  It’s available now for $11.

[Collections Etc via Red Ferret]