Swords Ice Tray Makes Blade-Shaped Drink Coolers

Novelty-shaped ice cubes are nice.  They usually do very little to really spice up parties, though.  Ice made from this Swords Ice Tray, on the other hand, can make for some nerdy swashbuckling fun.

Made from silicone, the tray offers five different sword shapes for your amusement.  Whether you fancy yourself a pirate, a knight or some random crazy dude with a sword, you’re bound to find one that will suit your overactive imagination.

The Swords Ice Tray comes with actual plastic swords that you can either leave in or leave out when making ice.  When left in, the ice will form around the swords, allowing you to use them as functional mixing sticks for your swizzlers.  When left out, you get yourself six-inches of ice to drop in your whiskey, shaped like a miniature bladed weapon.  A third option, which I really like, is to pour sweet juice on the tray and make tasty “swordcicles” (be forewarned, grammar nazi, that word doesn’t exist in your dictionary), which could prove a really cool treat for kids during summer afternoons and drunk adults during…uhm…every night.

In case you’re worried about your party guests hurting each other with the swords — don’t.  From the looks of it, the tray forms dull sword edges, so you’re not equipping your drunk guests with a deadly blade.  On that note, imagine how awesome a murder weapon made from ice will be — after  the thing melts, there is no more weapon to link you to the crime.

Swashbuckling party fiends can head over to Thinkgeek to get the Swords Ice Tray.  Price is $14.99.