Swurfer Is An Omni-Directional Stand-Up Swing


At first glance, the Swurfer looks like a regular backyard swing. Instead of a flat seat hanging from a branch, though, it suspends a wood surface that looks similar to a skateboard, with a design that allows it to swing not just forward and backward, but sideways, diagonally, and every other available direction.

While you can sit on it like a regular swing, the skateboard-like size and handles on the side allow you to stand on it safely, so you can swing as if you’re surfing on air. It’s large and sturdy enough to accommodate both kids and adults, too (up to 250 pounds), with the handles able to adjust in height so you can raise or lower it to the most comfortable position.


Instead of flat board, the Swurfer uses a curved maple wood board that, according to the product page, gives it more power, greater stability, and a wider range of motion. Each set comes with the board, two handles, and 80 feet of high-strength, double-braided rope that you can use to hang it from beams or branches up to 20 feet in height. You can also get extra rope if you need to hang it from some place taller. Do note, the board measures 33 inches long and will need to be hung end-to-end, so you’ll need a relatively long tree branch in order to accommodate it.


Available now, the Swurfer is priced at $129.99.

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