SylvanSport Go Is A Multi-Function Trailer And Camper

“Coolest camper ever” — that’s what its makers are calling the SylvanSport Go.  While I have my reservations about that title (I mean, the Futuria has a jacuzzi on the roof and that’s wayyy cool), it is quite the impressive creation, bringing versatility in a small package like never before.

How versatile is this thing?  Very.  Sporting a multifunctional frame, it can serve as a two-rack trailer (it can hold two white water kayaks on the bottom and a couple of bicycles on top at the same time), an open-top utility trailer (in case you need to haul refrigerators or cabinets), a high-top trailer (for towing ATVs and motorcycles) and a towable camper tent.  The rack system is compatible with many popular accessories, too, including those from Thule and Yakima, so you can equip it much like any regular trailer.

The SylvanSport Go is a low-profile trailer that weighs a light 840 pounds, making it compatible with almost any size of vehicle (yes, even your everyday car for commuting to work).   Designed for off-roads, it features a durable all-aluminum frame, torsion suspension for better load handling, 13-inch ground clearance, high-floatation tires and two waterproof gear storage areas.

In camper mode, the trailer stretches out to provide a floor area of 48 x 84 inches, which should be enough to fit two people comfortably (and more than two uncomfortably).  Features include a Kelty tent system, insulated bed platforms with self-inflating bed mattress, built-in windows and ventilation, a secure entry awning, a zippered and screened door, and multiple living space configurations.

Granted, the SylvanSport Go sounds awesome.  Until it gets a jacuzzi, though, I can’t  agree with the “coolest camper ever.”  For now, I’ll go with “most utilitarian trailer ever.”  Prices start at $7,995.