Immortalize Your Favorite Shirts In The T-Frame

We all fall in love with our shirts sometimes.  Whether it’s that old Ramones presidential seal tee you wore to death in the 90s, that mashup New York Lakers Undefeated shirt you wore to games semi-ironically, or that ironic Large Pocket Shirt that seemed very funny when you wore it last year but just seems like a reminder of your utter stupidity now, we all went through months (sometimes years) of treating one special shirt very fondly.  And if you’d rather preserve that shirt for eternity than throw it down the closet outbox, nothing should work better than the T-Frame T-Shirt Display.

You know how you’d frame your favorite pictures and hang ’em up the wall?  This is the same thing.  Instead of holding pictures, though, it’s sized and shaped to hold a tee.  That way, you can showcase all the shirts you loved over the years but can’t quite bear wearing anymore.

Designed by Caleb Ferris and Prakhar Mehrotra, the T-Frame won the 2012 Umbra Designer Competition and for good reason: the thing is just unique.  While other frames (even those sized for displaying shirts) usually came in a square box, it’s shaped like a regular short-sleeved tee, making it wholly appropriate and downright more eye-catching than any case you can use to proudly show off your collection.

It measures 21.5 x 19.5 inches (l x w), so it should fit most t-shirt sizes and cuts.  To use, simply wrap your shirt around the cardboard cut out, insert it to the back of the frame and you’re done — just find a place to hang the thing and instantly turn that old tee into hip, modern decor.

The Umbra T-Frame is available now, priced at $40.

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