T1mepeace Bracelets, For Those Who Rocked Casios Back When They Were The Shiznitz


Those who rocked Casio digital watches back in the 80s, please stand up.  Admit it, you enjoyed loved those black rubber wrist pieces with games, calculators and, dare we say, mini-computers on their faces.  While it would feel a tad embarrassing to wear them right now, you can still commemorate those relics of wristwatch history with the infinitely more stylish T1mepiece bracelets from Denise Julia Reytan.

Shaped in the form of those old Casio watches, the bracelets come in a single-piece strip of metal.  Instead of a solid silhouette (like the NYC Metro Cuff), though, it sports an intricate laser-cut pattern that faithfully mimics the legendary digital model, complete with outlines of the corresponding display, dials, buttons and those unforgettable blocks adorning the rubber straps.  Ooops, did I just give away that I used to rock a Casio watch too?

Available in silver, gold and white gold versions in both polished and semi-gloss finishes, the T1mepiece is a nice alternative to the oh-so-homogeneous solid bracelets everyone else is wearing.  With one across your wrist, you can even freely admit that you used to think Casio watches were the shiznitz too and still get away with it.

The gorgeous-looking T1mepiece bracelet will roll out in a limited edition of 50 pieces in June.

[Denise Reytan via Design Boom]