Table Tennis To Go Turns Regular Tables Into Ping Pong Tables

You have always wanted to play table tennis at work but bosses won’t approve your proposal for a ping pong table?  Stick it up to the suits with Table Tennis To Go, a portable ping pong ensemble you can set up in the conference room while pretending to hold a meeting.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to carry a table around.  Instead, the set includes a stretchable net that can hook up to tables up to 75 inches wide (regulation ping  pong tables measure 60 inches) and 1.75 inches thick.  As long as you have a compatible table in the room, you can get a game going.  Whether it’s the conference room, the pantry or the office library, table tennis action is just one stretched net away,

Table Tennis To Go uses rubber clamps to hold the ends of the net in place, so you don’t have to worry about leaving marks that will give away what really happens at work during overtime.  The posts are spring loaded, too, so the net stretches tightly even on narrower desks (like the coffee table in the lounge).  Set includes two regulation-size wooden paddles and three balls, so you can literally start playing right away.

Granted, whacking a corkscrew spin on an office desk probably won’t be as great as playing on a tournament table.  Still, we doubt it’s as bad as actually working when there’s nobody else in the office but you and the motley crew of goofballs you call your work buddies.

The Table Tennis To Go comes with a mesh drawstring storage bag that can fit all the individual components.  Price is $15.95.