Table&Tennis Brings Ping Pong To The Boardroom


Do people really work in your office?  If they do, it might be high time you got a different job, preferably a place with this Table&Tennis installed in one of the meeting rooms.  A dual-purpose piece of furniture, it masquerades as a conference table, while easily transforming into a ping pong table in just a few moves.

They say only 20 percent of working hours is ever really productive.  I’m inclined to agree.  After all, half of almost every “professional” meeting I’ve ever been in eventually degraded into a gossip session at some point, especially after the boss leaves to do whatever bosses do behind their closed offices.


The Table&Tennis is a regulation-sized ping pong table with wood panel surfaces that allow it to look all sleek and professional.  It has a removable net (because having a conference table with a net is just tacky) and comes with hidden drawers at either end to house your ping pong paraphernalia.

Will it make your workforce more productive?  I doubt it.  However, the game-cum-business-fixture should keep everyone honest.  Why pretend to be having serious discussions while hunched over on your conference desk when you could be using those hours sweating it over plastic balls and table tennis rackets?

Designed by Ryan Vanderbilt and built by HongKong Procurements, the first Table&Tennis has already been installed in an office at Saatchi and Saatchi.  Hear that, job hunters?  They let lazy asses like you run loose over there.  How about giving their recruitment people a holler?