Tableturns Watch Puts A Shrunken Turntable On Your Wrist


When watches attempt to look like other items, it usually ends up campy. I wouldn’t go that far with Flud’s Tableturns watch but you’ll have to be naïve not to find it just a bit cheesy.

A timepiece for DJs clad as a mini-turntable? Yep, the idea’s a tad cheesy. That’s like a mainframe programmer (I seriously want to know if this job description still exists for one of you guys) wearing a watch styled as a terminal. Or one for degenerate gamblers made out like a roulette table. Oh wait, somebody made that one.

The Tableturns watch looks like a shrunken turntable, complete with an arm (stationary) and the spinning record as the actual watch dial. It’s beautifully done, looking more like exquisite arm candy than a corny miniature. It comes in various finishes (gun metal, gold and silver) with options for either steel or leather bands.

According to Flud, numerous DJs actually own the watch and even name-dropped a few of them – DJ Drama, Jazzy Jeff and Whoo Kid, among others. It only costs between $70 to $80, so here’s your chance to look even more like a real DJ the next time you hit the clubs pretending to be one. Watch out, ladies.

[Flud Watches via Oh Gizmo]