Tack Sling Bag Is A Tote And Backpack Hybrid That Can Carry Oversized Items With Ease

Sometimes, you want the convenience of a backpack to free your hands up.  Other times, you want the simplicity of a tote bag.  The Tack Sling Bag can function as both, all while adding a clever facility for carrying oversized and odd-shaped items.

Made by SSCY (the same guys behind that Bandolier Bag we loved so much), it’s a top-loading bag that comes with a shoulder straps for carrying on your back, as well as a top handle for stringing along like a tote.  That way, you can strap it on your back while riding a bike, then carry it on your hand while making your way to the office. And, yes, your office is a coffee shop in the corner that lets you use WiFi all day, while only ordering a couple of desserts.

The Tack Sling Bag features two separate and equally large compartments held together by straps and a fabric bridge of sorts at the bottom.  That means, you can use it to haul two sets of gear in their own space, so the two laptops you’re carrying don’t need to rub up on each other (that’s how laptops get pregnant, after all).  The material holding the two compartments together actually serves as a third large compartment, allowing you to carry oversized and odd-shaped items, like rolled-up area rugs, large packages, and even a bicycle wheel.  Construction is water-repellant 14.7oz. duck cotton canvas, metal hardware and buckles, YKK zippers, and leather accents.

Available now, the Tack Sling Bag retails for $199.

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