Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag: The Coolest Thing You Can Buy For $20


Everyone should have a Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag and I’m not kidding.  Originally designed for the LAPD and the US military, it’s the ultimate way to bring along all the gear you need to get through the day.

There’s a pocket for almost every size of device you can imagine, complete with polyester lining so their surfaces remain scratch-free.  Whether you’re taking photographs, working on the road or going Rambo, this should fit most any piece of equipment you’re required to carry.

It features YKK-brand zippers (with Plasiticoat-treated bat handles), padded shoulder straps (removable), nylon webbing carry handles and Velcro closures.  Pockets, as expected, were designed for combat gear, which actually makes it even cooler.  There’s one for a hidden full-sized gun, two adjustable side pockets to fit in radios, two for pens, one for Stingers, one for a tactical illuminator, four designed for gun magazines, a tubular pocket for irregular items and a zippered side opening for valuables.  The large main pocket even includes a removable divider so you can organize the space.

Since most folks don’t really need to bring battle gear, reading the review page about the bag is very interesting, with people using it for an impressive variety of purposes.  You get the standard group of guys who use it, quite unimaginatively, to house  their netbooks, phones, PMPs, cards, keys and portable storage.  At the same time, you’ll find out how amazing it works as a baby bag, providing slots for feeding bottles, diapers and other baby supplies!

The Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag comes in three military-standard colors (black, olive drab and tan) and is available for only $20, down from its original retail tag of $60.

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