A Tactical Duty Kilt For Gun-Toting Badasses… Who Wear Man-Skirts


Regardless of how you feel about it, men really do wear kilts now. And they’re everywhere – they’re in your city, in the beach, in your social media timelines, and, soon, even in your favorite shooting range with the introduction of this Tactical Duty Kilt. There is no escape.

Made by 5.11 Tactical, it’s a utility kilt designed for gun-toting badasses, giving the crotch area better air circulation, while affording the legs full freedom of movement. Whether you’re shooting targets at the range, hunting game in the backwoods, or patrolling the streets as a modern-day Rambo, this kilt should afford you conveniences (and, yes, odd looks from people) like you’ve never enjoyed before.


The Tactical Duty Kilt is made from 6.14oz TDU ripstop, with a Teflon finish that helps it ward off stains and dirt. Large belt loops allow it to fit 1.75-inch operator belts, with D-rings under two front loops for hanging a badge. It has a pair of slant pockets in front (with reinforced edges for clipping knives, flashlights, or other tools), as well as large, removable cargo pockets with enough room to hold two 30-round AR magazines on the sides. There’s also a hidden interior pocket for valuables.

It features an overlapping style in front, with snap closures for easily slipping in and out of the garment. Six colors are available: black, brown, camo, gray, green, and khaki.

Originally a prank that, somehow, ended up actually being made, the Tactical Duty Kilt is available now, priced at $79.99.

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