No One Will Suspect This Tactical Wall Clock Hides A Small Stash Of Weapons

Your Tactical Wall Shelves allow you to discreetly keep a stash of guns within easy reach, provided there’s enough blank wall to mount a new shelf. For places around the house where you’d like to keep a weapon but won’t quite work with another shelf, maybe you can use this Tactical Wall Clock instead.

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary wall clock, using a pair of hands to tell the time across a numbered dial. Except, it actually hides a storage unit sized to hold a small supply of emergency weapons that you can use to defend your home in the event of an attack, whether you’re faced with burglars, aliens, or a robot uprising.

The Tactical Wall Clock has cabinet space measuring 14 x 10 inches, enough to fit a pistol, an extra magazine, and another tool (like a knife or a taser) for those inopportune moments that the gun jams. Do note, max weight it can hold is 10 pounds, so you can’t quite use it to hide Thor’s hammer (the real one, not the Nerf version) in the event you come into its possession. It comes with no lock, so it’s not the safest if you have kids around, although access to the storage area is not obvious either. To open, you’ll need to push the 12 o-clock position on the clock face, which will cause the bottom section to pop out for easy removal. The clock is powered by a single AA battery.

Available in two face designs, the Tactical Wall Clock is priced at $175.

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