Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition Is The Smartwatch Your Golf Game Needs


Traditional smartphone functions and premium watchmaking pedigree not enough to convince you to pick up one of Tag Heuer’s Wear OS timepieces? How about a whole new set of functions designed to boost your golf game? That’s exactly what you get with the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition, which takes the Connected 45 and tailors it for extensive use at the golf course.

We know, Garmin has a ton of golf-focused sports watches that come with all sorts of capabilities that help advance your game, from monitoring your swing and making improvement recommendations to viewing full-color course maps and locating hazards on the course. If you prefer a golf wearable with Wear OS’ rich feature set, though, then this device might offer a more interesting alternative.


The Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition has a 45mm titanium case with a black PVD finish, so this should be tougher and more shock-resistant, while being more lightweight, than a standard version of the wearable. It has a rotating ceramic bezel with 18 markers, which you can use to manually mark off which hole you’re currently playing, as well as a sapphire glass with anti-reflective treatment on both sides. Two straps are included with each smartwatch – a white synthetic leather band that looks like the skin of a golf ball and a more conventional black silicone band.

While it looks different from standard models of the smartwatch externally, it’s pretty much the same beneath the shell, with an Intel Atom CPU, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage, and a 410mAh battery. It also runs the standard Wear OS software, albeit one that comes preloaded with the watchmaker’s custom golf app, Tag Heuer Golf. Do note, the app is actually available for all Wear OS watches (as well as for Android and iOS devices), so you don’t even need to pick up this model to actually use it on the course (no assurances, however, that all the features will work with other smartwatches).


What exactly do you get with the Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition and the companion app? Using the onboard GPS and vector technology, the app can pinpoint your exact location on any of the over 39,000 golf courses in its database, allowing you to visualize the entire fairway in real-time, making it easier to plan every shot. The outfit claims their mapping function is more accurate and detailed than anything else available in the market today, so even dedicated Garmin users might find good reason to switch.


It can measure your shot distance automatically, evaluate the accuracy of your drives, and analyze your overall performance with different clubs. From there, it can identify various key indicators for improving your skills, which it delivers in the form of personalized recommendations. You can also use the app to keep score for up to four players – just key in the strokes and it does the rest of the calculations.

Slated for availability starting April, the Tag Heuer Connected Modular Golf Edition is priced at $1,850.

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