Taga Tricycle Stroller: Places To Go, Things To Do, Babies To Carry


Taking a small child out and about usually means you either push the baby on a stroller or find another way to bring them along if you’re riding the bike.  The Taga trike, however, plays both – able to shift between a baby-toting trike and a stroller in just 20 seconds.

It isn’t the first pedal-powered ride to come out with seating especially for children.  However, it’s the first one – far as we can tell – that converts from a multi-passenger tricycle to a standard-looking three-wheeled stroller faster than you can change your baby’s diapers.

The engineering Gods are definitely smiling upon the Taga, with its brilliant use of mechanical constructs to facilitate plenty of conveniences.  For instance, it can fold up tight enough to fit in the car trunk, so you can haul it around for trips.  Even better, it can shift between the single-front-wheel stroller and two-front-wheel trike modes employing just a couple of movements, requiring no special skills or tools, without even having to take the baby out of the seat.  The child seat can even be hoisted in a choice of three positions in stroller mode and two positions during trike mode.

Depending on configuration, the Taga will weigh in anywhere from 44 to 64 pounds.    Specs include an aluminum alloy frame, a Shimano gear system (boxed), 16-inch wheels and a complete set of brakes (front, rear and parking).  While currently available in a basic single-seat configuration, buyers will soon get the option of equipping their Taga with either a regulation car seat, double child seats, a shopping basket or a wooden double-seat trailer.

The Taga is currently available strictly in Europe, with a pretty hefty £1,695 asking price.

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