Tail Table Mounts A Long Table In The Back Of Any Car

Tailgates are great, giving you a flat surface at the rear of your vehicle that you can use as a table for setting down food, drinks, and gear. Problem is, if you want a tailgate, you’re going to have to drive either a pickup truck or an old-school station wagon, severely limiting your vehicle options. The Tail Table offers a way to add a table in the back, no matter what make or model of car you’re driving.

No, it doesn’t add a wide tailgate in the back like you see in pickup trucks. Instead, it gives you a table that sits perpendicular to the car’s boot, allowing you to set it up in the middle while you sit on the sides, so you can hang out in the back just like you do in a pickup during tailgate parties.

The Tail Table is a collapsible car table that locks onto the car trunk’s latch and uses the rear bumper as a brace, with the latter providing the necessary stability to let it function without wobbling or shaking. According to the outfit, it can work with both U-type and I-type metal trunk latches, so it should cover majority of modern cars plying the roads today, with the rear bumper on the car serving as a brace to let it support loads of up to 200 pounds. That means, you can use that table surface to not just set down food and drinks for a quick meal on the road, you can use it as a game table when you hanker for a little tabletop RPG with your friends, a work surface for tools and supplies during camping, and even a clean place to set down your cooler during tailgate parties.

When collapsed, the table measures a compact 24 x 15 x 3 inches (depth x width x thickness), so you can easily stash it anywhere in the boot, ready to be deployed as needed, as well as most shelves, closets, and drawers in your home. When fully unfolded, it extends to a whopping 48 x 30 x 2 inches (depth x width x thickness), allowing you to use it to hold large objects and a generous amount of supplies. Simply put, you can have six friends gathered comfortably around it for snacks and refreshments.

The Tail Table has a non-slip silicone surface, ensuring anything you set down on top will stay in place even when it’s wet, while six cutouts on the wide end of the table serve as stem glass holders for securing wine glasses while keeping the tabletop unoccupied. There’s a carry handle on the fixed end, making it easy to move when stashing in the garage or installing in another car, while an included bag allows you to hang it behind the car seat for even more storage options. The wide foldout section of the table, by the way, can be detached from the rest of it, allowing you to have a separate tray when moving the party away from the car.

The Tail Table is now available for preorder, priced at $169.95. It ships end of the year.

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