Tailgate Pong Turns Your Truck’s Tailgate Into A Beer Pong Table


Sure, you can bring an extra table to a tailgate party to use as a beer pong playing area, but why bother when you can turn any pickup’s tailgate into a properly-equipped beer pong table? That’s exactly what happens when you install the Tailgate Pong.

A replacement tailgate panel, simply swap this thing in place of your existing panel and instantly turn that part of the truck into a killer beer pong tabletop. Whether you’re actually tailgating in a stadium parking lot, having a family picnic in the park, or just getting drunk in the driveway with the neighbors, this thing should prove itself a handy addition to any truck.


With the Tailgate Pong, you don’t just get a regular flat table surface. Instead, it comes with molded cup holders, making racking a far easier affair while ensuring the cups don’t slide or fall over with a simple nudge. It comes with a fully racked cup holder formation on either end, with one extra cup holder on each side for any actual drink you’re chugging. Construction is heavy-duty HDPE, so it’s as durable and weather-resistant as whatever panel you have currently on the tailgate.

It’s currently available for different models of GM, Ford, Dodge, and Toyota trucks, so make sure to order for your specific model to ensure it fits snugly on your tailgate. It also installs in less than minutes, so you can be ready to play in no time.

Available now, the Tailgate Pong is priced at $71.

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