Tailgate Wooden Picnic Table Folds Into A Suitcase

Why have your picnic on the grass when you can carry a suitcase that gets you a table and four chairs?  No, really, the Tailgate Folding Wooden Picnic Table does just that, providing table and seating space for four, while folding into an easy-to-carry box that’s smaller than a guitar case.

Sure, there are many options for folding tables out there.  How many of them come clad in wood, though, complete with borderline classy styling?  Not that I’m saying the medium brown wood stain finish is all that elegant, but wood should trump hard plastic any day of the week.  Unless it’s a rainy day, that is.

The Tailgate Folding Wooden Picnic Table measures 22.25 x 26 x 53.75 inches when unfolded, providing generous table space for your food and ample seating for four.  Frame is made from strong aluminum alloy, allowing the seats to hold individuals up to 240lbs each.  When folded in, the rig compacts into a 22.25 x 4.5 x 14 inch box, allowing for easy portability, provided you’ve got enough arm strength to carry 22lbs (we heard you have muscles hidden under those bones).

No tools are required for set-up, so you need not carry any extra equipment to be able to use it.  When folded, it comes with a handle too, making it easy to grab with one hand while the other clutches your picnic bag.

Great for tailgating parties, impromptu outdoor gatherings and lazy afternoons at the beach, the  Tailgate Folding Wooden Picnic Table is available from Amazon for $134.99.
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