Tailly Is A Heart Rate Controlled Tail That Wags, Perfect For Your Kawaii Kitty Cosplay

Remember the brainwave controlled cosplay cat ears Necomimi?  Of course you do, you probably wear yours every night after you come home from a hard day at work and Tinychat the night away.  If you love your moving cat ears, you’ve probably been looking forward to its accompanying tail.  Well, your wait may be over with the Tailly.

A furry cat tail to match your furry cat ears, it’s the final piece to complete your cat fetish cosplay attire.  Well, that’s assuming you already bought paws and a pair of those furry wraparound thingies to keep your forearms attached to your biceps the whole day.  Darn, the cat fetish cosplay life ain’t easy.

Created by Shota Ishiwatari (the same dude who developed those brainwave-controlled cat ears), the Tailly is a sensor-driven and mechanically controlled wearable tail.  And, no, it can’t measure your brainwaves while hanging in your backside.  Instead, it acts to your heart rate when worn, wagging furiously when it detects excitement and swinging slowly as you calm down.  Yep, just like a dog.  Except you’re supposed to be a cat.

The appendage, which comes in white, black, brown and gray, is attached to a belt that you strap around your waist during wear.  Each tail is detachable, too, so you can pull out the tail and pretend it’s a scarf in case you answer the door thinking your hot date just buzzed when it’s actually your parents making a surprise visit.  Eek.

Rather than pass off the Tailly to Neurosky as he did with the Necomimi, Ishiwatiri wants to do production for this one on his own.  As such, he’s taken to Kickstarter to fund the project.   Want to reserve one from the first run?  Pledges start at £60.

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