TakeBreak Wall Decal Decorates Cracks On Your Walls

Why fix a crack on the wall when you can dress it up to look like fine decor? Save all that money you would have spent for repairs with the TakeBreak Wall Decal, a clever, little sticker designed to cover up unsightly cracks around the house.

Sure, all the cracks around the structure will still be there. Heck, it might even grow worse over time. But it need not be your worry since that ugly damage will never cross your mind again. Every time you look at the wall, all you’ll see is a gorgeous decal depicting a calm and serene outdoor scene.

Brand Ahead Creative’s TrakeBreak Wall Decal is a 10.5 x 27.5 cm sheet of stickers, with individual images of stems with leaves, flowers, snails, birds and butterflies. The idea is to pretend that the crack on the wall is actually just a thin trunk of tree and slap the different stickers around it to create your own playful scene. All the images come in one solid hue, black, so they should look great over most paint colors.

While the packaging explicitly states “Decorate Stick for Crack of Walls” (really, that’s what it says), I’m sure the decals will work just as well with break lines on windows, mirrors and windshields too.

Your home may be ready to collapse at any minute but the TakeBreak Wall Decals will make sure the pad stays pretty while it hasn’t. It’s available for $6 a sheet.

[TakeBreak Wall Decal via Better Living Through Design]