Takka Stool Set Features A Height-Adjustable Table

Height adjustable chairs, especially ones for office use,  are plenty common.  What we seem to be missing, though, are height-adjustable tables that your kids can use as a play table in the morning and you can use to work on a laptop later in the night.  That’s the gap the Takka Stool Set appears to be looking to fill.

Designed by Agnieszka Mazur, it’s a three piece set consisting of a small round table and a pair of stools, all constructed from wood.  For easier stowing when not in use, all three pieces can be stacked together into a tidy bunch.

The Takka Stool Set’s table features a custom-designed butterfly screw mechanism for adjusting the height.  To go from one height to another, just pull out the screw, move the top to the desired height and reinsert the screw into the new peg.  When pushed to its lowest height, it looks ideal for use as a coffee table, a side table or a children’s play table; for other uses, just raise it to the most comfortable height to equip it for whatever task is on hand.

No word on whether the Takka Stool Set will be manufactured, but the height adjustable table is definitely one design home woodworkers can replicate with a little planning and effort.

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