Talon Swivel Chair Puts A 360-Degree Spinning Seat On A Collapsible Camp Chair

Like other folding chairs, the Talon Swivel Chair packs down into a compact bundle that you can easily carry in hand or even squeeze inside a bag during transport. Unlike them, it comes with a swiveling design, allowing you to spin on the chair like you do in your gaming chair at home.

Similar to other packable chairs, it should make an excellent accessory for beaches, campsites, and outdoor gatherings of all sorts, giving you a handy seating furniture to deploy at a moment’s notice. Unlike them, of course, it comes with a unique swiveling action that lets you quickly face different directions without having to get off the seat, making for a much more comfortable chair to spend your time outdoors on.

The Talon Swivel Chair looks just like your standard camp chair and beach chair. It pairs an aluminum frame and legs with a water-repellent nylon seat and backrest material, so it should the handle the outdoors just as capably. The chair looks comfy, too, with toilon cushioning for the seat, a mesh section on the back rest for ventilation, and a tall backrest, complete with a detachable headrest, so you can really lay back and chill when you plop down on this thing.

It uses four legs to keep it stable on the ground, which are screwed onto a round housing that contains the ball bearing module. That module enables the chair to achieve 360-degree swiveling capabilities, allowing you to spin the chair in place just like your favorite office or gaming chair. They even threw in some organizer pockets and a cup holder at the side of the chair, allowing you to use it for storage. Do note, this doesn’t have a traditional raised armrest like some camp chairs, so the cup holder is actually right next to the seat, which means you can accidentally sit on the drink if you’re not careful. Yeah… it’s probably best to have a camp table nearby to set down drinks instead.

The Talon Swivel Chair comes in two sizes: standard and long. The standard measures 21 x 19 x 31 inches (width x seat height x backrest height) and supports up to 330 pounds, while the long measures 22 x 20 x 40 inches and supports up to 270 pounds. That’s right, the bigger chair actually supports less weight than the smaller one. Granted, at 330 and 270 pounds, respectively, these chairs should be able to seat most people comfortably all the same.

When collapsed, the standard chair measures 16 x 4 inches (length x diameter) and the long chair measures 17 x 5 inches, so while these are not the most compact camp chairs out there, they’re still reasonably portable. Plus, they come with a handy bag that has an integrated handle, so you can even carry them in hand. And yes, you should be able to fit this in most backpacks, although they do take up quite a bit of space and add a bit of weight (4.7 pounds for the standard and 5.9 pounds for the long).

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Talon Swivel Chair. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $99.

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