Tamagotchi Hello Kitty Recruits The Sanrio Icon To Help You Raise Your Digital Pet

Playing with your Tamagotchi is fun. Problem is, taking care of a virtual pet is a solitary affair. This makes it a bit too much work for a busy young lad, not to mention, a little lonely at times. Fortunately, everyone’s favorite Japanese bobtail cat from Sanrio is here to help in the form of the Tamagotchi Hello Kitty.

Sadly, you won’t be raising your own Hello Kitty like it’s a little Tamagotchi. You won’t quite get that honor. Instead, it’s an erstwhile regular Tamagotchi with one little difference – there’s a virtual Hello Kitty in the game that will help you raise your digital pet. That way, you don’t have to go through life raising a little Tamagotchi on your own, with Hello Kitty popping in and out to lend some much appreciated assistance.

No, the Tamagotchi Hello Kitty isn’t a modified version of the full-color Tamagotchi On, so you don’t get to enjoy the detailed backdrops, higher-res images, and more expansive gameplay of the modern Tamagotchi game. Instead, this is old-school black-and-white Tamagotchi, so you get a mostly bare screen with just your Tamagotchi, Hello Kitty, and whatever object they’re messing around with for that particular scene. We know, it doesn’t make sense to play with old-school Tamagotchi when you’ve got that brand-spanking colored version where you can raise up to 16 generations of virtual pets. Still, if you’re a fan of the old Tamagotchi and want to enjoy it with a dose of Hello Kitty, this is the only way to really check off both those two boxes.

According to the product page, Hello Kitty will take care of cleaning up your Tamagotchi’s living space, feed it her favorite food (milk and apple pie), and even entertain it. The entertainment, by the way, comes in the form of two mini games – one with balloons and one that has the perpetual third-grade cat playing the piano.

The Tamagotchi Hello Kitty will, of course, allow you to take care of your digital pet starting from its egg form all the way to its adulthood, with Hello Kitty on assist every step along the way. According to the outfit, the character can take one of seven different types of adult personalities, which will depend on how it’s been raised and nurtured. We don’t know the specific personalities available, but we imagine one of them ends up being a serial killer that eventually ends up extinguishing Hello Kitty’s adorable life. Just kidding.

The game comes in the same classic egg-shaped enclosure that can easily fit inside most pockets, with a monochrome screen in the middle and three buttons for interacting with the pet. Except, in this case, the shell is covered in Hello Kitty livery, making it a great collectible for longtime Sanrio fans. The toy, by the way, is powered by two LR44 batteries and runs completely offline, so you don’t need an internet connection to spend quality time with your digital buddy.

Want one? The Tamagotchi Hello Kitty is available now.

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