TapPainter Lets You Virtually Paint Your Home In Any Color

You can visualize what your house will look like with a fresh color of paint all you want, but you can’t really tell how it’s going to be until all your walls are covered in the new shade. And by then, it’s too late to change your mind. The TapPainter is an app that lets you see exactly what your home interior will look like in any paint color without making a real commitment.

Described as a “sophisticated color visualizer,” the software lets you play around with photos of your home, covering walls on the scene with any paint color using just a single tap. Want to know how your bedroom looks like with orange walls? This will do the trick. How about different paint colors for each wall in the living room? We don’t have high hopes, but you can see the results for yourself.

TapPainter employs a custom algorithm that uses edge detection and color analysis to determine the area that will be covered with every tap. It will also determine the precise existing color on the wall, which will be taken into account when you do inject it with a fresh coat of new paint, ensuring you get no surprises with the final result. The better lit the room, of course, the better results you will get using the app, so make sure to use well-lit, in-focus pictures to get a proper virtual recreation.

As of now, they already have an extensive paint color fan deck, with paints from close to two dozen lines integrated in the software (and more coming). You can also do a custom color mixing if you want to be a little more daring in your color choices.

The iPad version of TapPainter is already available on the App Store, where it’s priced at $4.99. The team is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the app’s expansion to both iPhone and Android.

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