Remember The Target 800 MPH Jet Car? You Can Now Own It

Back in 2006, businessman and adventurer Steve Fossett bought the Target 800 Mph, a project car expected to break the 800-mph mark, from land speed legend Craig Breedlove.  Development of the project looked promising, with the crew believing that they might be able to push it past 900 mph.  Unfortunately, the whole thing was scrapped just a year later, after Steve met an untimely death from a plane crash.

For $3 million, you can take over the project.

Available as a ready-to-roll package, the sale includes the car, along with everything they have on the project, including blueprints, testing data, documentation, workshop tools, loading and assembly hardware, a modified race transporter trailer and tractor, a pickup truck and a catering transporter and tractor.  That way, you can set up shop immediately and pick up where the team left off.

The main attraction, of course, will be the Target 800 Mph car.  Styled like a futuristic vehicle right out of a sci-fi film, it measures 48 x 10.5 feet (l x w) and weighs just over 9,000 lbs.  Construction is made up of a steel tube frame, along with stressed aluminum skin, carbon and Kevlar driver capsule and engine inlets, and aluminum billet hub wheels.

A single modified S&S LM1500 engine powers the thing, which produces the equivalent of 36,800hp with afterburner and water injection.  Unlike what the looks may suggest, it runs on four wheels and comes equipped with a supersonic-capable parachute for help with braking.

According to the team, over $4 million has been invested in the project so far.  You can get in touch with Project 100 (contact numbers on the PDF link) if you’re interested in making an offer.

[Project 100 (pdf) via Autopia]