Taschen Collects HR Giger’s Nightmarish Work In This Jumbo-Sized Hardcover


Whether you love what he did in Aliens, admire his body of work, or just enjoy surrealist art in general, you’ll probably find a coffee table volume compiling HR Giger’s artwork fascinating reading. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Taschen’s HR Giger Limited Collector’s Edition.

A jumbo-sized collection, the hardcover chronicles a good chunk of Giger’s body of work, paying tribute to the artist’s unique (and, often, disturbing) vision, well beyond the confines of Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi horror film. Suffice to say, it’s a book filled with the stuff of nightmares, from his drawings of terrifying creatures and biomechanical art to his similarly-harrowing sculptures and industrial design.


Taschen’s HR Giger Limited Collector’s Edition spans 400 pages measuring 15 x 20 inches each, with most of those pages filled with photographic reproductions of the artist’s paintings, sketches, and more, along with seven fold out spreads. It includes his highly-influential biomechanical arsenal of creatures, of course, along with demons, creepy enclaves, and other creations that faithfully embrace the macabre.


Accompanying the illustrations is an extensive biography that draws from Giger’s own writings, as well as in-depth essay from art historian Andreas Hirsch that explores the dark themes of Giger’s ouvre. Simply put, this monograph chronicles an extensive story of the late artist’s life and art, making it a must-have for ardent fans and a curious read for everyone else.


Only 1,000 numbered copies of the Taschen HR Giger Limited Collector’s Edition will be made. Price is $900.

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