Taser Shockwave Barricades Your Nerd Fort With A Wall Of Debilitating Electric Payloads


Looking for a way to keep the boss away from your cubicle?  Set up a barrier no one will dare violate with the Taser Shockwave, a series of modular, stackable tasers, ready to attack at the touch of a button.

Building a secure fort has never been so easy.  Just get a few Shockwave panels (each one comes with six payloads), line them up and pile them on top of each other, to build your own wall of debilitating shock.  The next time you hear your boss’ footsteps coming your way, fire up the thing and send the poor schmuck to the land of dreams.  Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll keep your job after that, but you’ll be the de facto office superhero, possibly being led out by security to a chorus of cheers.

Each Shockwave packs six armed tasers each, ready to attack oncoming threats up to within 25 feet. That series of six can even be detached into two panels a piece, with versatile mounting options, in case you have more creative arrangements in mind. They can be controlled via remote control from distances up to 100 feet, allowing you to perform painful and humorless pranks from afar.

Being configurable in many ways, the Taser Shockwave can be used in many applications that aren’t likely to get you fired from work.  Law enforcement, for instance, can use it as a barricade during tense situations, while motorists can set it up outside their car, for protection against possible attacks.

Ever seen that old movie Home Alone?  Man, the things that pesky kid could have done with one of these.

[Taser via Red Ferret]