Tattoo It Yourself Card Lets You Express Your Greeting In Body Art

I like my greeting cards pre-printed with a funny graphic on the cover.  Because, you know, greeting cards are supposed to give you less work.  Some people like being able to put custom touches on cards they already paid for, though, and I guess I’m cool with that.  Especially when it’s as cute as these Tattoo It Yourself Cards.

Designed by Andrew Kolb, the greeting cards feature just a single graphic on the cover and a small blank banner on the inside fold.  You know, so you can wax creative and fill in the rest of the blank space with filth emanating from the deep recesses of your deranged mind.

The Tattoo It Yourself Cards come in two styles — Gent and Lady.  Both are the same, except for the graphic in front.  As the names imply, the former gets a dude that you can tattoo, while the latter gets a dame in a two-piece bikini, both of them looking straight out of a rockabilly gearhead convention.  Basically, you’re supposed to fill in their blank skin with tattoos of your choosing using drawing instruments of your choosing to express any message of your choosing.  It’s cute.

Each card is digitally printed (Indigo) on Rolland Hitech 100 paper, with matching French Paper envelopes for holding them in.  They measure 4.25 x 5.25 inches, although the actual “tattooing area” is much smaller.

You can get the Tattoo It Yourself Cards in sets of five, priced at $18.  Drawing instruments and creative talents not included (yes, sucks for you….J/K).