Tattoo Socks Puts Fake Tattoos On Your Stockings, Doesn’t Look Lame At All


I always thought tattoo sleeves were lame.  These Tattoo Socks, on the other hand, are just plain gorgeous.  For some reason, they manage to look like snazzy body decoration than lame skin art posturing.   On the right pair of legs, they’re just a hands-down knockout.

Just like regular leg stockings, they’re available in thigh-high and knee-high lengths, each one toting a very cool-looking graphic right around the calves on one side.  According to designer Gabby, you can wear the tights the other way around if you want the tattoo to appear on the other leg.  You can also wear it on your head if you’re so inclined – fit isn’t guaranteed, though.  Designs include a peacock feather, butterflies, an army of bats, an octopus and even the Twitter logo, among others, so there’s plenty to choose from.


Available in white and four different body shades, you can wear them to look as natural-looking as possible.  Except when you pick the white, that is, which only makes sense if you’re either Snow White, hasn’t seen the sun in over a decade or have recently been bitten by a vampire.  Or all three of the above.


The Tatoo Socks are made from Italian 40 Den stockings, with a maximum waist stretch of 48 inches, hip and belly up to 55 inches and thigh area up to 27.5.  Yep, even fatties can wear them.  At that size, actually, even fat men can wear them, so watch out for your favorite, obese drag queen rocking a pair soon.  Ugh.

Check out the Etsy Shop to see all available designs.  Each pair costs $23.

[Etsy via NotCot]