The Taurus Curve May Be The Most Comfortable Handgun You Will Ever Carry


At first look, it seems ridiculous: a handgun with a curved shape. As in, when you set it down on a table, it doesn’t lay down flat, but curves upward on either end, similar to those weird curved smartphones. And while those smartphones were little more than a technological show-of-feat, the unusual shape of the Taurus Curve is actually intended to serve an important purpose.

Described as an “ultra-comfortable, ultra-reliable personal defense handgun,” it’s designed to fit snug when worn on the waist, with an integrated clip for clamping onto the waistline of your selvedge jeans (no need for a holster). Engineered for comfort, it’s about as convenient a gun to carry on your person as you will find anywhere (it weighs just 10.2 ounces), making it an extremely accessible firearm for people who wouldn’t otherwise bring one along.


Aside from its unique body-hugging shape, the Taurus Curve has completely smooth lines all over the body, ensuring it leaves no visible marks on the skin when you carry it by your waistline. While it probably doesn’t look like one, it’s actually a 0.380 caliber pistol, with a 6+1 ammo capacity, a 2.5-inch long barrel, and a smooth trigger. An industry-first, it comes with a LED light and a laser built right into the frame, so you can get extra assistance when using your firearm without needing any additional accessories. Security features are, of course, onboard, including the ability to make it inoperable with a turn of a key and a loaded chamber indicator.


Exact availability date for the Taurus Curve has not been announced, but it will be priced at $400.

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