Taz 1500 Mad Wolf: This Bike Light Might Be Brighter Than Your Car’s Headlamps


Riding a bicycle under the darkness of the night isn’t the safest thing, but there are plenty of equipment we can use to make it safer.   To improve your visibility to motorists, you can install taillights like the Spooklight and road lights like the Lightlane. To improve your own view of the nighttime road, you can set up a headlamp. And when it comes to bike headlamps, few are going to outshine the Taz 1500 Mad Wolf.

Described as “the ultimate all-in-one bar light that outshines many car headlamps,” it puts out a whopping 1500 lumens, ensuring you can see far ahead clearly even in the darkest roads. Whether you’re trying to stay clear of potholes in the streets, rocks on a backwoods trail, or fellow cyclists in a bicycle-friendly part of town, this thing is exactly what you need to improve your visual abilities during nighttime rides.


The Taz 1500 Mad Wolf lights up the road using a trio of CREE LEDs, nestled inside a sealed waterproof housing that can survive immersion at depths of up to one meter. That’s right, you can’t just rock your bicycle in the midst of heavy rain, you can even bring it along when crossing rivers without damaging the lamp. It features custom-engineered optics that diffuse the bottom LED to widen its spread down front and focuses the two upper LEDs into a far-reaching beam, maximizing the light’s visibility even at a high velocity, with side lights that round out visibility at a 180-degree angle.


Only downside? Keeping it on high depletes the rechargeable battery so much it can only run for 1.5 hours, so you might want to be a little conservative when illuminating your path.

Available now, the Taz 1500 Mad Wolf is priced at $300.

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