TDK Boombox Brings 21st-Century Style To The Iconic Ghetto Blaster

Being one of the more iconic gadgets of the 80s, the ghetto blaster has continued to be remade in various forms.  While most of them look trite and unimaginative, some do manage to update the form in a sleek and elegant way.  Such is the case with the TDK Boombox.

Just like the portable stereos of years past, the new speaker system can be carried around via an integrated handle.  That way, you can set it down on the sidewalk, lay down a tarpaulin blanket and begin breakdancing just like the homies used to do it back in the day (at least, the way they did it in 80s American movies).

The TDK Boombox comes in two versions: the Two-Speaker and the Three-Speaker (yes, that’s what they’re calling it).   Both have a pair of 10-watt speakers with edge-driven tweeters and six-inch drive units sitting on the left and right side, respectively.  The Three-Speaker model has a 15-watt subwoofer in between those two.  Features include iPhone/iPod support, AM/FM radio, USB port (where you can plug in MP3, AAC and WMA files) and various auxiliary inputs.

Controls are primarily touch-sensitive buttons embedded right on the front panel, although there is an old-school style knob for volume and power, as well as a button pair on the right side for the radio changer and settings.  The piano-black gloss acrylic body is framed using wide slabs of thick aluminum, along with a metal plank for the handle.  It goes without saying, the gorgeous design and construction are the real showcase here.

Both models will be available online starting January and will hit store shelves the next month.  Pricing is $399 for the TDK Boombox Two-Speaker and $499 for the TDK Boombox Three-Speaker.

[via Cnet]