Tea For Two Half Cups Are Made For Two People In Love

Creations like the Soup and Cracker Mug are awesome because they optimize function.  Others, like Red Cup Living’s plastic glassware, are awesome because they’re weird as heck.  This Tea for Two drinkware probably belongs in its category. Perfect for a couple in love or even if you are forever alone, waiting for your partner. Oh, also if you can only handle half a cup of tea at a time.

Designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, it’s a single tea cup split right down the middle, with each one getting its own handle.  That way, you can share your cup with anyone who happens upon you while you’re sipping tea in the office pantry without actually drinking from the same cup.  After all, you never know what gross creature might walk in and ask for a sip.  Like that smelly dude from Accounting.  Eww.

While Tea for Two, technically, consists of two drinking vessels, it takes no more space than a single cup.  In fact, they’re designed to fit on a single saucer (included) when sat side by side.  Basically, it gets you two half-cups, while requiring just space for one on both the cupboard and the dishwasher.  It’s made from ceramic, too, so half the cup can double as paperweight on your workdesk if you only want half a cup of coffee for your morning perk-up.

Tea for Two is available from Thinkgeek, priced at $15.99.

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