Championship Chinos Bring Tear-Away Pants To Casual Wear

You’re in the mood.  She’s in the mood.  It’s the championship rounds — time to go in for the kill.  And you better not do anything to ruin the moment, like… I don’t know… taking two minutes too long to get your jeans off.  With these Championship Chinos, that won’t be a problem.

Made by Bonobos, the pants take on a tear-away design, similar to the ones basketball players wear during pre-game warm-ups.  Except it has the same material and design they use to make the company’s classic washed chinos, so you don’t look like an idiot hitting the streets with tear-away basketball pants around your waist.

The Championship Chinos are made from 100% cotton, with a curved waist band to ensure a snug fit and no bunching of fabric.  It’s meant to sit around the hips, so there’s no chance you look like a high-waisted dork, either.  Removing the pants are easily accomplished  by unhooking the snaps along the side and quickly yanking it off it like your favorite NBA players do once the game starts.

Just in case you think these pants are only good for preserving  those intimate moments, you’re wrong. I mean, tear-away pants easily sound like the most convenient piece of clothing ever, simplifying the process of setting your crotch free for whatever purpose it might suit you (imagine eating something nasty and having to rush into the crapper, for instance).

Bonobos has the Championship Chinos in two colors — gray (Air Balls) and navy blue (Fast Breaks).  Both are available now, priced at $98 a pair.