Use The Tech Wrap To Give Your Camera Gear A Protective Skin

It looks like any random piece of cloth. You know, the kind you can use to wrap stuff, wipe stuff, and blow your nose into when you can’t find tissues anywhere in sight. Except, the Tech Wrap is made from a technical material that makes it much more suited for protecting your expensive camera gear from the hazards of the world.

Designed to keep dust, water, and scratches at bay, the material wraps and secures around your devices, serving as an outer skin to shield it from potential dangers. Want to avoid getting dust all over your lenses while you ride side-by-sides in the desert? Yep, this will help. How about keeping your camera from getting scratched while it sits in your gear case? Yes, this will do the trick. Sure, it won’t take the brunt of impact when your camera gets dropped, but it should do the trick for most anything else.

The Tech Wrap is a square piece of cloth that you can use to completely wrap around cameras, lenses, and other equipment, regardless of its shape, allowing you to use it as a versatile protective skin. A loop on one corner lets you secure the cloth in place, so the whole thing doesn’t come off, while the fabric construction lets you customize how it wraps around any item. Want to leave the DSLR’s strap lugs uncovered, so you can attach carrying straps without taking the wrap off? That can be done. How about wrapping it, such that the rear LCD is accessible, so you can review footage without taking off the camera’s protective layer? Yes, that’s on the table, too.

The exterior of the fabric is made from a water-resistant synthetic material, so it will capably protect your equipment from spills and splashes, but you still have to avoid getting it submerged, since this thing isn’t built to keep it safe from that. Inside, it uses a microfiber material that’s soft and gentle while it wraps around your sensitive equipment, all while doubling as a cleaning cloth for those times your lenses, screens, and viewfinders need a little wiping down.

The Tech Wrap comes in two sizes: compact and standard. Compact measures 11 x 11 inches, making it suitable for point-and-shoot cameras, smaller lenses, and smaller drones, while the Standard measures 17 x 17 inches, which should be large enough to fit around DSLRs, bigger mirrorless cameras, larger lenses, and full-sized drones. According to the outfit, the latter can also be used to wrap around the entirety of an iPad Mini, although it won’t quite make its way completely around larger tablets.

Why not just wrap your gadget on an old cotton shirt and secure it with a rubber band? We guess that can work for keeping away scratches, but if you need the extra reinforcement to shrug off water and dust, too, this thing should offer a better option. Do note, the outfit advises to strictly hand-wash the cloth, as dumping it in the washing machine could damage the water-resistant coating.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Tech Wrap. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €12.

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