TechArt GrandGT Spices Up Your “Boring” Porsche Panamera Turbo

You’re so rich, you buy exotic cars like a kid buying Hot Wheels models.  And you get bored with them just as easily.  If you’re already bored with your Porsche Panamera Turbo but would rather not sell it yet, why not customize it into an entirely different-looking beast?  That’s exactly what TechArt’s GrandGT customization kit does.

While “hotter” is a subjective adjective, we do think this extensive customization turns the vehicle into a genuinely hotter ride.  With aggressive lines and a sporty stance, you just might take a new liking to your “boring” and “old” Panamera.

The TechArt GrandGT covers a whole host of customizations for your Porsche Panamera Turbo, from the exterior to the interior to under the hood.  For the body, you get a host of new panels for the front hood, front and rear aprons, side skirts, roof spoiler, rear spoiler, and more.  All the panels are made with lightweight carbon fiber and polyurethane RIM, with stability and aerodynamics performance that TechArt claims rival those found in professional motor sport racers.  Other aesthetic enhancements include a multi-functional daylight running light system, trims, dual oval tube tailpipes, and more.

For the cabin, you get carbon interior kits, a 3-spoke sports steering wheel, and a variety of entertainment options.  For under the hood, they offer a Power Kit with an engine management system that enhances the vehicle’s power output to 580 hp.

No word on pricing, but TechArt will be showing their GrandGT customizations for the Porsche Panamera Turbo at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

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