Telekinetic Obstacle Course Lets You Play With Balls Using Your Mind

Granted, the Telekinetic Obstacle Course isn’t magic.  Still, it’s probably as close as you’ll ever get to levitating objects with your mind.

Using theta wave activity in your brain as input, the game lets you control how high a foam ball floats.  Concentrate hard and it rises; relax and it begins to descend.  To play, you need to wear a headband and two earlobe clips, which work in a similar way to the EEG monitoring devices used in hospitals.

The Telekinetic Obstacle Course uses air fans, whose speed depends on how hard you’re concentrating, to send the ball flying.  Movement is restricted to going up and going down, so you have to use a knob to turn the gameboard and put the ball through the obstacles.

A total of nine obstacles are included, each of which you can attach and detach on the fly, making for a customizable game every single time.  All the challenges involve navigating the ball through hoops, chutes and other similar hurdles.

We’re not sure if it can really help improve your concentration skills as some folks claim.  Regardless, the Telekinetic Obstacle Course offers a different way to use your brain — one that can be intriguing and fun.  It’s available now for $79.95.

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