Tempo Tags Let You Clip On Time, Temperature Anywhere A Tiny Clamp Will Fit


Like small, stylish, single-function products?  If you’re nodding your head, then you’re going to love the Tempo Tags, tiny clip-on gadgets that do mundane stuff, like tell time and display temperature.

Don’t have a watch, but want to keep track of time?  No problem.  Just slap a digital watch Tempo Tag on your pocket, collar or forearm hair to have a time-telling device that displays exactly how late you are for this morning’s interview.


Made out of stainless steel and polycarbonate, each Tempo Tag measures a mere 11 x 28 x 8 mm and looks similar to those single-pencil manual sharpeners you can get a fistful of for a couple dollars.  Despite the small size, they pack style in bunches, acting as a unique accessory that just doesn’t come along all that frequently.  They come in two functional configurations  – a regular one that tells time and a “Thermo” Tag that shows off the temperature in Fahrenheit – and are powered by a replaceable watch battery.

Why not just wear a watch?  You can come up with your own reasons.  For me, though, I hate funky-smelling hands and I abhor the price tag on a decent-looking timepiece.  It has two hands that move and  a mechanism that’s hundreds of years old – why the hell should I pay premium for it?

Vessel’s Tempo Tags are sold in pairs, with each bundled unit sporting different clipping orientations (one for right-handers and another for lefties).  The time-toting model (available now) retails for $18 per set, while the thermometer-mimicking Thermo variant goes for $15 (currently on pre-order).

[Vessel via Red Ferret]