Tempour Is A 4-In-1 Gadget For Wine Lovers

People need accessories to go with their hobbies.  For drunks who subsist on a steady diet of cold beer, a Man Table with a hidden mini-fridge will likely become a beloved companion.  For fitness geeks, investing in fitness trackers and other sports gear is going to be near-irresistible.  If you’re a wine snob, there are toys for you, too, like the Vinaerator and the Corkscrew Power Tool.  Here’s one more you might like to add to the stash bag: the Tempour.

Designed by wine experts in Napa Valley, it’s a tool that lets you add a few useful functions to your wine bottle.  That way, you can pretend you’re all fancy and sophisticated while downing $5 bottles with your equally financially-challenged friends just like you’re in a sitcom about twenty-somethings who do goofy things with their lives.  Or something like that.

The Tempour is a four-in-one tool, combining a chiller, an aerator, a filter, and a pourer in a single system.  It’s modular, too, so you can take out one part if you don’t want the function (e.g. just pull out the chilling rod, which comes filled with freeze gels, if you don’t want it cooled).  The aerator and filter are combined in a single tube that attaches to a drip-free spout for pouring your wine without creating any mess.  Construction is stainless steel, so it won’t leave any residual flavors.  Set also includes a silicon bottle stopper sized to fit into the spout, so you can save leftovers for another day.

Of course, the tool won’t just work with wines — any bottled beverage that could benefit from a drip-free pourer or a chiller should fine plenty of use for the thing, too.  The Tempour is available from Firebox, priced at £39.99.

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