Forget Sewing, Just Use Gear Patches To Cover Up Holes And Tears On Your Gear


As durable as many outdoor gear has become, they’re still not indestructible. As such, your tents, hammocks, and bags will occasionally suffer punctures and frays while roughing it out in the field. While a permanent fix that involves sewing is probably best, those who prefer a much quicker solution will find plenty to love about the Tenacious Tape Gear Patches.

Made by Gear Aid, it’s a set of peel-and-stick patches that you can use to cover up holes, tears, and punctures, sealing up the damage instantly. Even better, it comes in a selection of outdoor-themed shapes (e.g. animals, campfires, trees), making the patch-up job look more like a decorative addition than a makeshift solution in the field. Seriously, it’s almost as nice as covering up a hole with a sewn patch.


The Tenacious Tape Gear Patches use a seriously strong adhesive, ensuring it will stay on through rain, wind, snow, and rough activities. Heck, you can throw the garment in the washer and it still won’t come off, so it can serve as a functional permanent patch, all while being no more complicated to apply than a regular sticker. And, yes, you can use it to cover up damage on any outdoor gear, from jackets and pants to tents and sleeping mats to backpacks and blade sheaths.


It comes in black, colored, and reflective variants, so there are enough choices, whether you like to stay incognito or stand out. It comes in 20-inch strips, each of which include 12 to 16 patches, respectively (depending on the set theme).

Available now, the Tenacious Tape Gear Patches are priced starting at $9.95 per strip.

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