Ténéré Expedition Tent Comes With A Motorcycle Garage

Even motorcycles deserve a roof over their…uhm… heads.  Pitch yourself an instant garage with the Ténéré Expedition Tent, a temporary shelter for outdoor-campin’ motorcycle adventurers.

Created by Nomad, the hoop-style tent offers living space for up to two people, along with an area for parking a full-sized touring motorcycle with panniers.  That way, both you and your beloved hog will be protected from the elements, relaxing in comfort while you save your strengths for another day.

The Ténéré Expedition Tent is a three-season camping shelter, with a floor area of 30 square feet and a motorcycle bay measuring 100 x 50 inches.  Without the bike area, the tent would be classed as a five-person lodging space, so you can expect plenty of room for you, a companion and your on-the-road supplies, even with a large 1,200cc adventurer in tow.

Easy to use, it weighs just 13 lbs when packed and erects on only three poles.  Sleeping area comes with a groundsheet, but not the garage, so you don’t have to worry about the tires tearing through any part of your tent.  Canvas is made from coated ripstop nylon, with the poles built out of aluminum 7005, so expect it to hold up to the drudge of the outdoors.

Not a fan of dirtying it up with nature?  The Nomad Ténéré Expedition Tent should play nice as a temporary garage for whatever purpose too.  You can take it to motorcycle rallies and family picnics, giving your bike and your gear a private place to hide.  It’s available now for $399.

[Nomad via Uncrate]