Tennino Crams A Mini Ping Pong Set Inside A Cardboard Suitcase


Sure, a clip-on net clamped onto the dining table will make for a cheap and serviceable table tennis setup, but you need a dedicated ping pong table if you want to practice your paddle game for many hours a day. If you want to do that while still keeping cost to a minimum, you might want to consider the Tennino, a cardboard ping pong table.

Made by Kickpack, it’s a mini-table tennis set made entirely from cardboard. No, not just the table, but the net and even the paddles are all cardboard, too. Fortunately, the ball isn’t cardboard, so it’s still going to have a satisfying bounce just like in a regulation table tennis setup.


Just like all cardboard furniture, the Tennino can be folded flat for easily packing away, making it convenient to use in less-spacious homes. Even better, it folds into a suitcase form factor, making it convenient to bring along for setting up an instant table tennis game anywhere you go, whether it be at a friend’s house, on a picnic, or at camp. Dimensions are just around 60 percent of a regulation table at 64.2 x 35.4 x 30.3 inches, so you can fit one in most space-starved rooms without much problems.


Do note, construction is regular cardboard with no special water-resistant coating, so you’d want to keep this away from being repurposed into a beer pong table when you hold parties in the house. It comes with four paddles and two balls.

Available directly from Kickpack, the Tennino is priced at €59.90.

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